Special dances

Dorint Parkhotel in Siegen

Our dance weekends

The weekend special dances of the Triangles have a long tradition. Until the closedown of the Kolping holiday resort "Regenbogenland" at the beginning of 2015, the weekends were held for 20 years time in Olpe.

Since then we have been dancing at Dorint Parkhotel in Siegen.

Covid-19 regulations

As things stand, there are no longer any Corona restrictions for our dance weekends. However, we reserve the right to adjust the rules if the situation should change and will then inform you in good time by e-mail.


2023 Caller 2023 Note Flyer
C2 Thomas Bernhed, 
Edith Heitger
Sep 22 - Sep 24 Flyer
C1 Ett McAtee, 
Joachim Rühenbeck
Nov 10 - Nov 12 Flyer
A1 Joe Kromer, 
Joachim Rühenbeck
Nov 24 - Nov 26 wait list! Flyer
2024 Caller 2024 Note Flyer
Club - Feb 23 - Feb 25 members only
Pre-registration starts
01 Dec 2023, 12 p.m.
A2 Nils Trottmann, 
Joachim Rühenbeck
May 3 - May 5 wait list! Flyer
C2 Jürgen Löder, 
Joachim Rühenbeck
Sep 27 - Sep 29 Flyer
C1 Bronc Wise, 
Edith Heitger
Nov 8 - Nov 10 Pre-registration starts
05 Nov 2023, 12 p.m.
A1 Robert Milestad, 
Edith Heitger
Nov 22 - Nov 24 Pre-registration starts
19 Nov 2023, 12 p.m.

Computer program!

At all our dance weekends, we are using the Triangles Rotation program, for details see our FAQ.

A2 weekend Siegen May 2018 with Edith Heitger and Jack Borgström
A2 weekend in Siegen in May 2018 with Edith Heitger and Jack Borgström
Photo by Wilfried Schwarzhoff
A1 dance weekend Nov. 2015
A1 weekend in Siegen in September 2015 with Robert Milestad and Edith Heitger
Photo by Christof Michels
A2 weekend in Olpe im September 2013
A2 weekend in Olpe im September 2013 with Søren Lindergaard & Joachim Rühenbeck
Photo by Veit Leonhardt


Answers to all your questions regarding our specials you will find in our FAQ.