More information about our activities you can get from the board members:

Thomas Omerzu Thomas Omerzu (president)
Torckweg 6
44379 Dortmund
Ph. +49-231-22227-200 (day)
Ph. +49-231-5600125 (evening)

Horst Honig Horst Honig (vice president)
Wiener-Neustädter-Str. 67
40789 Monheim
Ph. +49-2173-965703 (evening)

Petra Gantenberg Petra Gantenberg (tresurer)
Bremkamp 32
42329 Wuppertal
Ph. +49-202-732178 (evening)

Renate Hinterscheid Renate Hinterscheid (secretary)
Rosental 111
45529 Hattingen
Ph. +49-2324-201927

or from the club callers:

Joachim Rühenbeck Joachim Rühenbeck
Gräfrather Str. 16a
42329 Wuppertal
Ph. +49-202-7387158 (evening)
Ph. +49-176-47761262 (mobile)

Edith Heitger Edith Heitger
Am Stock 6
40472 Düsseldorf
Ph. +49-211-4229014

Please send registrations for our weekend special dances to:

Ute Hanke Ute Hanke
Glockenstr. 22
42657 Solingen
Ph. +49-212-817509 (evening)

When registering for our weekends by e-mail, please do not forget to tell us your club, address, and phone number! Please see our FAQ for additional information.